How To Fix Openelec M8S+ Stuck On The Boot Screen

Posted by Belinda Hansen on

Here is how to fix Openelec M8S+ if its stuck on the boot screen with the old firmware

Please do not flash the box if you didn't purchase from us 

There are a lot of cheap, low quality M8S+ on the market. If you try to flash them you will brick your box

I am not responsible for any boxes not sold by me

Flash with your own risk!

Please download this file from my dropbox

  1. Extract the Tar file, You will see folder OpenELEC-Amlogic M8S PLUS open the folder

  2. Copy 3 files from inside the zip and paste it onto an SD Card. Make sure you paste it on root your SD card.

  3. Insert the SD card into the box

  4. Take the power cord out.

  5. Get a toothpick and use it to push into the AV port until you feel a click.

  6. Hold the toothpick in place while you replace the power cord and wait until you see update progress

  7. Remove the toothpick and Wait it should start the system

How to fix Openelec M8S+ stuck on the boot screen

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